Welcome to Perfectly Practical Parties

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PPP provides professional and exciting childcare and entertainment for a range of occasions from private parties and weddings to corporate days and tourist locations.

Our premium reputation is built on great customer service and excellence, consistently putting our customers first.

Our creative team plan and prepare every detail of the day, ensuring a magical and memorable experience for children by creating a space designed for them full of inspiration and ideas.

Please Help Us To Donate Our Time

We believe strongly in two things: making things helps children learn, inspires them and provides a great outlet. And children. We believe in children generally. They are such fantastic little beings who can help us to learn, inspire us and provide a great outlet for us to do all the fun things we want to do but often don’t. As such, we’d like to find a fantastic children’s charity operating in our region to support through fund raising. If you are a member of, or support such a charity please let us know.