Visitor Survey

Our Craft Workshop Survey

How Have We Performed?

We ran a survey of visitors to a recent series of tourism craft workshops to see what people thought of us and how many of them had visited us before. 


Out of over 220 visitors who came to our workshops over 12 days, 179 people took part in our survey.

The Results

We’d started to see more and more friendly faces so we knew we had high returning numbers to our workshops but we were curious to see how many. 


Came back to see us

On top of having been to see us before, many of our families come back again and again within a set of workshops. We’re told by parents they love spending time with their children on the one to one level that creating crafts allowed, that they think the range of materials and activities that we have is fantastic and that sometimes it’s just because their kids won’t let them not come.  

Gave us feedback

Out of those who took part in our survey, 53% filled in the feedback option. Our visitors let us know overwhelmingly that they love what we do and enjoyed spending family time. 

No Negative Comments

They say you can’t please all of the people all of the time but I guess that’s not true. There was not one negative comment about our workshops. Needless to say we were pretty happy. 

Positive Comments

We ask the highest standards of our staff and are very proud of how they represent us. Our workshops consistently deliver a fantastic range of crafts for children of all ages and abilities and our staff go out of their way to make sure our visitors have everything they need and are able to enjoy spending creative time with their kids. 

Just Some of Our Customer Comments