Paul the Petrifying Paper Pumpkin

Creepy Craft

How about making this creepy craft to keep the children occupied during half term and why not use it to decorate your house ready for Halloween.

Paul the Pumpkin

Take an A4 sheet of Paper and divide it into seven equal strips. Then cut the strips out.
pumpkin1Step 1

pumpkin2Step 2

Lay one strip over the top of the other to make a cross shape, gluing them together. Repeat this process with another two strips until you make a star pattern.

Step 3

pumpkin4Step 4

Punch at hole at the top of each strip.

pumpkin5Step 5

pumpkin6Step 6

Bend a pipe cleaner so that there is a stopper at one end. Thread the pipe cleaner through the holes one by one.

pumpkin7Step 7

pumpkin8Step 8

Make a leaf for the pumpkin by drawing round a glass and cutting the circle into a leaf. Cut a hole in the middle and thread the pipe cleaner through.

pumpkin9Step 9

pumpkin10Step 10

Give Paul some googly eyes, a gnarly grin and he is ready to protect your house from ghostly ghouls.

pumpkin11Step 11