The Art of Art

We see a lot of children in our workshops and almost all of them love making. From the toddlers who just enjoy making marks with a crayon through the younger children developing their skills and imaginations and into the nines / 10s plus group who make something very specific for their room or a gift. […]

Paul the Petrifying Paper Pumpkin


Creepy Craft How about making this creepy craft to keep the children occupied during half term and why not use it to decorate your house ready for Halloween. Paul the Pumpkin Take an A4 sheet of Paper and divide it into seven equal strips. Then cut the strips out. Step 1 Step 2 Lay one […]

Visitor Survey


Our Craft Workshop Survey How Have We Performed? We ran a survey of visitors to a recent series of tourism craft workshops to see what people thought of us and how many of them had visited us before.    Out of over 220 visitors who came to our workshops over 12 days, 179 people took […]

Sustainability in a small business


Ask yourself if you can you walk or cycle to work The majority of large organisations are going out of their way to show their keener, greener side. And so they should. Not only is sustainability is a huge buzz word in business but it is necessary in today’s society that everyone plays their part.  […]

Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day Gift Box Sometimes you find the gift you’d really like to give but you’d also really like to be able to make something. So, we’ve created a lovely gift box and don’t forget to look at our pretty flower card post if you haven’t made it before. You will need:  Thin card x 2 sheets […]