Create a wedding day centre piece


Paper Rose Tree This one is a labour of love and probably not for the feint hearted. To put this into context, these Rose Trees took us 5 hours for the blue and just under 4 hours for the yellow tree. However, these trees are around 50cm high so you can do a much smaller […]

Quick Gift Bookmark


Just An Idea – 5 Minute Present Bookmarks are the quickest and easiest of presents and hints that mum is going to spend the day relaxing.  Cut a peice of card to the size of a bookmark.  Punch a hole in one end and thread ribbons or leave plain. Decorating couldn’t be easier: cut strips […]

Love Bugs: Quick Crafts


These cute love bugs are great for little fingers but may need help for the scissors dependent on your child’s age.  Cute Caterpiller Use bright contrasting coloured paper – red for Valentine’s but any colour for the second paper is fine Use biscuit cutters to draw your heart shapes Cut out two slightly larger hearts […]

Rowley Manor for East Yorkshire Weddings


Rowley is one of our favourite venues in Yorkshire. A gorgeous Georgian manor with elegantly decorated rooms and set in beautifully laid out grounds. The staff at Rowley are well-organised, friendly and go out of their way to ensure that everyone is happy.  We went for a chat with the team to ask them more […]

What does imagination really do for us?

Imagination is a powerful thing and it turns out it’s far more powerful than we could ever have, well, imagined. I’ve come across this amazing article in The Wall Street Journal business pages. Not the kind of place you’d normally associate with magical thoughts but it turns out that early studies have shown that if you want […]