The Art of Art

We see a lot of children in our workshops and almost all of them love making. From the toddlers who just enjoy making marks with a crayon through the younger children developing their skills and imaginations and into the nines / 10s plus group who make something very specific for their room or a gift. […]

Paul the Petrifying Paper Pumpkin


Creepy Craft How about making this creepy craft to keep the children occupied during half term and why not use it to decorate your house ready for Halloween. Paul the Pumpkin Take an A4 sheet of Paper and divide it into seven equal strips. Then cut the strips out. Step 1 Step 2 Lay one […]

Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day Gift Box Sometimes you find the gift you’d really like to give but you’d also really like to be able to make something. So, we’ve created a lovely gift box and don’t forget to look at our pretty flower card post if you haven’t made it before. You will need:  Thin card x 2 sheets […]

Create a wedding day centre piece


Paper Rose Tree This one is a labour of love and probably not for the feint hearted. To put this into context, these Rose Trees took us 5 hours for the blue and just under 4 hours for the yellow tree. However, these trees are around 50cm high so you can do a much smaller […]

Quick Gift Bookmark


Just An Idea – 5 Minute Present Bookmarks are the quickest and easiest of presents and hints that mum is going to spend the day relaxing.  Cut a peice of card to the size of a bookmark.  Punch a hole in one end and thread ribbons or leave plain. Decorating couldn’t be easier: cut strips […]