Visitor Survey


Our Craft Workshop Survey How Have We Performed? We ran a survey of visitors to a recent series of tourism craft workshops to see what people thought of us and how many of them had visited us before.    Out of over 220 visitors who came to our workshops over 12 days, 179 people took […]

Sustainability in a small business


Ask yourself if you can you walk or cycle to work The majority of large organisations are going out of their way to show their keener, greener side. And so they should. Not only is sustainability is a huge buzz word in business but it is necessary in today’s society that everyone plays their part.  […]

Running Your Own Small Business

Is it really worth it? I recently spoke to someone who had thought about setting up their own business but when she thought about everything that it involved, she walked away. So, I found myself musing. Several years down the line from starting a small business, is it really worth it? The easy answer to […]