Garden & Grown Up Parties

20140405_164527As a parent it’s lovely to be invited out with your children but it’s also lovely to be able to relax with your friends without dealing with spilt drinks, bruised knees and calming down over excited youngsters.

Our open crèche service means that your guests can enjoy your party, knowing their children are enjoying theirs.

Our childcare professionals aim to make sure that children get the most out of the day by encouraging them to take part in the different activities. Opportunities for imaginative play through construction, small world toys, stories, role-play, board games and group activities are all planned according to the ages and needs of the children.

If a professional children’s entertainer is part of the day then giving reassurance to the little ones and encouraging interaction means that everyone gets full enjoyment with lots of laughs and memorable moments.

A quiet area is provided for those that want time on their own to read a book, listen to music or just watch.

Toddler and baby areas with suitable toys, activities and their own size furniture and bouncy chairs can be provided with their own dedicated member of staff.

Non-messy age appropriate crafts ensure that best-dress-outfits are kept that way when making souvenirs to take home and entertainment can be tailored to suit the size of your venue including indoor and outdoor games.

Our crèche can last from 2 hours to your whole party with an evening wind-down area including sleep-mats, snuggly blankets and storytelling.

Children’s Parties

It’s hard coming up with a children’s party theme by yourself every year but with Perfectly Practical Parties’ help, every year can be a unique, fun and stress-free experience. Whether you have 7 children pot painting, or 70 children making the most of our glitter corner and ideas wall, our craft parties allow children to indulge their creative sides and take away something memorable from the day.

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